by Frank Marrero

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from the back cover:

A San Francisco boy who grew up to become

the greatest aviator of all time,” Lincoln Beachey

was a true pioneer. He mastered aerobatic feats that

no man had ever attempted or even dreamed of before.

His incredible daring and his dedication to the art and science of flight, along with an uncommon flair for showmanship, make him unique among 20th century heroes. Yet this most famous man of his time, whose name once blazed across the American sky, is now commonly unknown. Charles Lindbergh, Eddie Rickenbacker, and the ace pilots of two World Wars owe their careers in part to this brilliant young trailblazer, who tragically died too young at the 1915 San Francisco World Fair. This founder of aerobatics always gave his audiences:

“A Show They’ll Never Forget!”

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from the back cover:

     "The ancient Hellenes noticed that a sound that is too repetitive would soon not be noticed. That which is closest to us is quickly lost in familiarity, they observed. As a Westerner, I am moved to share a sacred inheritance that is hardly recognized by us, invisible in its closeness. The spiritual origin of logical thinking is often overlooked, or negated by the immature, merely logical mind.

     The divine knowledge which inspired the West is exalting and liberating like many of the other ways of knowing in the Great Tradition of humanity’s wisdom, but with the added advantage that it is already encoded in Western psyches and in the form of our culture— eminently recognizable and spiritually usable as we re- discover and remember our original religious truth.

     Fools are those, Heraklitos exclaimed, that are not in constant intercourse with their own nature. Westerners need not look only to the East for high spiritual issues. The ancients of the West have left Westerners a legacy of truths in dearest terms—one that transmits Being and Truth, the Free and Formless Self-Existing Bright One — the Divine Reality Itself: Coincident with the infinity of forms which make up the Kosmos."  — from the Preface

Imagine a mystic priestess standing upon the edge of Apollo's Temple at Delphi 2500 years ago. What would she see? What would the gods mean to such mature adults? How would they locate themselves in the process of human development and historical unfolding?

     The View from Delphi gives the reader not only an objective assessment of Western civilizations's mystical and religious traditions, but an inward view as well. Circling abou the Oracle at DCelphi like a pilgrim paying sacred homage, the reader is instructed rhapsodically, and if willing, transported to a brilliant mystery that is at the core of Western culture — and felt inwardly in each one. The reader will ride the poetic and academic currents of Marrero's rhapsodies and feel the depth of the spiritual foundations of Western civiliation.

    The View from Delphi is a rare book as it bridges poetry, academics, philosophy, and rhapsody, carrying the reader in heart and mind on a journey of ancient appreciation.

"Your writings remind me of the work of Blavatsky or Gurdijief, but instead of looking East, you uncover that same mystic ground in the West."           

Norman O. Brown, Phd.  Author of Love's Body; Life Against Death

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from the back cover:

Our conventional image of Sokrates comes to us from countless dry scholarly accounts that present a wise if ironic old philosopher, shuffling and lounging in the streets of Athens, asking questions that never lead to answers, and finally resigning himself in questionable fashion to a scapegoat death on philosophical principle.

But the living Sokrates was a passionate, rollicking, paradoxical figure, a man of extraordinary integrity, depth, intellect and originality who mastered his immense appetites with a warrior's self-discipline. This Sokrates was more Jedi Knight than Yoda, more Zorba the Greek than serene Buddha. He was a comic sage and a true hero, tried, tested and proven on the battlefields of ancient Greece. He was bold in action, passionate in love, penetrating in thought and speech, and capable of extraordinary yogic feats of superhuman endurance. His fearless, irreverent, paradoxical behavior provoked such controversy that he was falsely accused by Athens' power elite, and executed by the state. This Sokrates, the complex, compelling human character at the center of this epochal historical theater, has never been dramatically brought to life on the page, until now.

Recollections of Sokrates offers a dramatic and intimate view of the life and teaching of the world's protean philosopher, and a ringside seat into the inner circle of an awakened master and his disciples. This living portrait, grounded in abundant historical fact, reflects the great tradition of spiritual and philosophical masters interacting with their initiates for the sake of instruction and awakening. Thus it brings to life the philosophical and spiritual depth of Sokrates that account for his decisive impact and lasting influence on Western thought and civilization.

“I am indeed impressed by your exquisite language, but even more impressed by your vivid depiction of Socrates. Of all the biographical and fictional accounts of Socrates with which I am acquainted yours so far proves to be the most eloquent and faithful to the primary sources.”

Luis Navia, PhD, Philosophy Chair, NYIT Author of

Socrates, An Examined Life

“"Thank you for a lively presentation of an old acquaintance."

Walter Burkert, PhD, Classics Emeritus, University of Zurich, Author of Greek Religion

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from the back cover:

    Big Philosophy for Little Kids teaches writing and language arts skills while academically considering traditional and universal wisdoms in “affective” areas. Affective education includes emotional fluency, character education, social intelligence and moral clarity. This multi-cultural, standards-based curriculum had been designed to raise test scores as it provides teachers with an exciting writing program which strengthens the children both academically and affectively. This instruction is primarily a writing program, easily adapted to grades 2-6+; one integrated with reading and comprehension skills, vocabulary development, word analysis, and a wide range of affective issues and social studies. It has been used in the public and private sectors for over 20 years in a variety of socio-economic cultures.

Never before has the bell rung so clearly for character development curriculum in elemen- tary school education. For educators, parents, and children alike, this curriculum offers touching and unique activities that promise to both develop character and shape the culture in which we live. This is the kind of education that could benefit every school district in America.     —Michael Murphy, Esalen Founder; Author of Golf in the Kingdom and The Future of the Body

In my work at the Joseph Campbell Foundation, I have reviewed many mythological educa- tion programs, and while each has been well-intended, most have been limited by their focus on either "the hero's journey" (as a paradigm for personal growth) or on the development of a "per- sonal mythology", and almost all have been directed at adults or "older" students.

Big Philosophy for Little Kids, however, stands in marked contrast to these other programs.

This unique writing curriculum is distinctive in its use of mythological narratives as the con- textual base for the development of character. I whole-heartedly recommend it to all educators seeking a particularly meaningful program for younger students. Neither you nor they will be dis- appointed.       —Robert Walter, President, Joseph Campbell Foundation

You have taught me so much I don't know how to repay you. I will always remember the royal breaths because I always use them. I will remember deep happiness. I will remember high happiness and how it has less meaning. I will always remember to be like Daedalus and focused and not to be like Icarus and impulsive. But most importantly I will not be like Narcissus. I will care and have empathy for others. You are great for teaching me this.

Terry, Fairfax, CA (age 10)

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from the back cover:

Once upon a time stories carried great power. Once upon a time, stories helped transform us all, and they served our children with sober depth and real meaning.

Then stories suffered the fate of millennial familiarity and fell into common superficiality.

Core Stories rediscovers and re-presents wise tales from around the world that reveal universal values: Learning to Focus, True Happiness, Self-Knowing, the Arts of Breath and Feeling, and the Joy of Community.

Core Stories recovers what stories are supposed to be: captivating,

challenging, fun, and wise; these stories are literally inviting, and serve a perfect pattern for a truly rich life.

Imagine a set of sage stories that children will enjoy and remember. Look no further. Core is never far away.


Core Stories is the companion volume for kids and parents to the

teacher’s curriculum Big Philosophy for Little Kids — an affective and effective writing curriculum for upper elementary education. However, this volume stands alone for children to read by themselves or to be guided by caring adults. It is patterned after ancient educational systems for teaching emotional potency to the children of cultural leaders. Herein, we build five principles of character and emotional fluency:

* the ability to focus and the wisdom of failure

* the difference between temporary and long-term happiness

* the need and usefulness of self-knowledge

* the inspirational play of breath and feeling

* service heroes and the joy of community.

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I had the unfathomable Grace to spend endless time in the intimate Company of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. For 8-16 hours a day, four days a week, for five months, in a tiny breakfast room, Avatar Adi Da Samraj Blessed a few of us with miraculous spirit-power, penetrating self-understanding, oceanic love-bliss, and transcendental consciousness. Really. It has taken many decades to begin to breathe the Fullness Given. Most of this book describes (in detail) those awe-filled months, with a few chapters leading up to that time and afterwards. Very embarrassing  :)  

Blessed Blessed Blessed

A video Introduction to this book

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  Man lives on one quarter of what he eats; on the other three quarters lives his doctor.       — Pyramid Inscription (5800 years old!)

Having been a regular faster for 40+ years and a science teacher, I had read many books on nutrition and fasting, as well as having done many serious rounds of 'data-diving' with diets and nutritional optimizations. Then Valter Longo came along with new nano & genetic examination / revelations and wonderfully critically new explanations appeared.

from the Preface: The core of this book is found in the second chapter, “Words of the Day: Pluripotency / Autophagy”. The latest medical research about fasting delivers an acuity of understanding and awe-filled scientific revelation like never before. No longer do we need to wonder about the bio-chemical and systemic effects associated with all modalities of fasting. No longer do we need to believe authorities who promote their provincial beliefs, limited interpretations, or personal agenda with regards to fasting: it’s science now, combined with our own informed and direct experience. We can simply listen to antecdotal advice and trail-blazers and winnow what makes sense to us. The end of authority begins with grounded understanding and our own responsibility.

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NEW! 2024  from the back cover: The Hellenic myths have been “refreshed” many times, the most significant “enlightening” came when Orpheus retold the common tales and gave these archetypal allegories a captivating depth and theological significance. In these pages, you will not find an intellectual revisiting of the Hellenic myths, nor a new, post-modern twist upon these ancient themes. Rather, what is to be discovered herein is a sober confrontation, a serious call to an uncommon maturation. Sophos or wisdom, always comes with such demand. And Sunlight alludes to the en-Light-ened View standing ecstatically outside the ego-cave of opinion and every point of view. Consider yourself thus apprised. Breathe deeply. Come, come, come.

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Fools are those who are not in constant intercourse with their own nature.

- and -

Fools are those who do not understand their own language.

- and -

If you have not heard me by all of this but Logos, then I can say: All is One.

— Heraklitos “the Obscure”, 2500 years ago

See Samples: "Thinking and Thanking"

                  "The Error of Belief "

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Sounds About Right is a podcast dedicated to "Audiobooks to Help Us Understand the World".

I am interviewed here about Sokrates:

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