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  Featured Essays

The Crucial Clarity: Understanding  Adolescence

    "There is a world-wide sea that I will labor to illuminate: the adolescent “knower” that is the globally accepted medium of our conversations."

The Daylight Ones

   The Allegory of the Cave     

The Error of Belief

    To understand that which was believed is the beginning of ordinary human maturity


The Three Hearts

    Romantic love, "True" love, and Divine Love

Tribute to my Beloved Adi Da

  My Praise and Introduction to my Spiritual Teacher

My Art & Secret

   Tranmute Darkness in Feeling-Light

Songs of Deliverance

   A Depository of Orphic Wisdom

Why I Am Not Only a Christian

    An appreciative and critical view of Christianity and the Teachings of Jesus


The Art of Teaching!  

   The Spirited Teacher and the Possibility of Miracles  

What is it to really grow up?

     A Developmental Appreciation of Maturation for 11 year olds!

"The Transcendence of Childhood" Ceremony

    The Critical Onset of Adolescence and How to Serve Responsibility in Teens

10 Spiritual Principles of Discipline

     True Understanding, True Care, and True Art amidst this difficult Necessity

An Integral Approach to Affective Education  

    from: Journal of Integral Theory -- Winter ’07