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age 25


age 66

Fifth Grade Class 2010

San Francisco Bay Area

At the Temple of Apollo in Delphi

The Parthenon, Nashville, Tenn

I have lived many different lives in this grace of abundant years. I was in the newspapers and on TV at the age of two, going off of high-dives; I was the only kid I knew who built his own flying machine and survived several 'flights'. I was an original 'parkour' madman; did 'free climbing' in Yosemite (very stupid); mastered rope-swinging; did cliff diving for tourists; et cetera, eh? I owned a hardware store, started a very successful restaurant, lived on a farm, was a school-teacher and forester. I am a proud father of two very fine young adults. I am an author of some 10 books, ranging from pre-Sokratic mysteries to biographies, from curricula for teaching children character education and writing skills to a science text on fasting, et cetera.

But these are only the spokes in a wheel whose hub and center is my spiritual master, Avatar Adi Da Samraj. He taught me unfathomable joy, without the need for stimulation; He gave me self-understanding, eliminating the need to solve my hidden anxiety; He baptised me in overwhelming divine happiness, beyond belief and doubt, unreasonably so; He anointed me with oceanic love, really; and now I practice simple Remembrance and turning to This Love as His devotee.

Adi Da Samraj left, me at age 30 far right

Tumomama Gorge, Kauai, HI