Lincoln Beachey

The Man Who Owned the Sky

The Life and Legend of the Greatest Aviator of All Time


Dirigible Days


Racing Oldfield/Rickenbaker

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The Forgotten Father of Aerobatics

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Invented Stall Recovery

First to fly upside down

First to fly inside a building

First to build and fly a plane exclusively for aerobatics

First to pick a handkerchief up with his wingtip

First to master the loop

First tail slide (on purpose!)

First to achieve terminal velocity (by flying straight down)

First to do falling leaf (as well as a host of 'tricks')

Invented Aerobatics!!

Called "The Eighth Wonder of the World" by a consortium of 100 newspapers after his plunge through Niagara Falls

Declared "The World's Greatest Aviator" by Curtiss, Wright, Edison, etc

Flew for the largest crowd in the history of the United States (1911 Chicago Meet)

Infamously maintained an engagement (inc. diamond rings) with scores and scores of the finest young women from coast to coast

Congress adjourned twice to watch his demonstrations, Beachey was nationally credited with being the force for America to finally invest in aviation

Largest funeral in SF history (later eclipse by Emperor Norton)

The original name of the SF Airport was to be The Lincoln Beachey Memorial Flying Park

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The Forgotten Father of Aerobatics


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