My Art & Secret

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I want to spill a secret
I want to reveal my art
Of how ugly imperfections
Are outshined sometimes
In the lustful embrace of real God. 

I want you to feel free
To be the gnarly little thing,
Just like me.
As we utterly accept our darkness
And let our feelings be. 

Such is the passage through the Underworld
Such are the riddles of the flesh and the heart
Such is the heroic journey
Of ordinary human maturity. 

Dark Hades becomes lustrous Pluto
as fear transmutes into riches.
Knowing the darkness and fear is a teacher
And we treasure the lesson of the darkness
where feeling is unarmored.

 When feeling falls through fear freely

            the way straightens and
                         the heart is seen most clearly.

We do not rise but fall and rest
            in that fearless grace and embrace
            and we breathe a deep breath
            of pure joy in perfect peace. 

Forever is the enjoyment
Forever is the embrace
Eternal is the signature of divinity
Absolute is the happiness
Perfect ground is
the Brightness that fills the Void.
Now and always. 

Then I play in life and find myself Narcissus
Selfish, driven, craven, arrogant and all the qualities I detest,
I resist and fight, indulge and waste, kill and take, animal 99%.
Upon dark reflection, my self-fascination is only tempered by my self-disgust.
And my happiness is deeper and stronger than all of that.
A wholeness holds me and my darkness in a basket of tolerance. 

When I remember my real reality
I am washed of shoulds and shouldn'ts‚ then and there
When I look up from my self-absorption, I am suddenly free and present.  

Nothing ever stands in the way of my responsibility
to love
Nothing stands for long in the way to God
Nothing is required for happiness to be already the case. 

I remember, I give, I forget, I suffer, I listen, I turn. I forgive.
Remembering, giving, forgetting, suffering, understanding, turning, forgiving.

This is my art.

There is a wholeness that holds and enfolds my dark self-possession together with the mindless embrace of reality's divine condition. Light and dark together, now and then, underground and open sky. This is not spiritual schizophrenia but the span of wholeness. Universal awareness renders me deeply sympathetic with every criminal angularity, and the face of God secretly shines from everyone.